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Retailer (Level 2)

Retailers help customers buy products or services from retail companies such as department stores, retail chains or supermarkets through a variety of channels, including online. They are passionate about about quality of service and aim to exceed customer expectations.

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Retail Team Leader (Level 3)

Retail team leaders support managers to create a positive customer experience. They guide and coordinate the work of the team, exploring sales opportunities, maintaining business standards and contributing to smooth running retail operations.

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Retail Manager (Level 4)

Retail Managers are responsible for delivering sales targets and the customer experience, ensuring operations are aligned to achieving team and business objectives. They require excellent communication skills and the ability to work with a range of internal stakeholders and external customers.

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Buying and Merchandising Assistant (Level 4)

Buying and merchandising assistants help to ensure the right products are available in the right place a the right time. They provide support to their teams. Regardless of the product category or customer segment served, these support roles are critical to the success of any retailer.

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Assistant Buyer and Assistant Merchandiser (Level 6)

Assistant Buyers / Assistant Merchandisers understand the brand and customer in order to source, select, maintain and deliver the right products to meet demand and business objectives. Through use of effective business forecasting, risk and opportunity analysis, creativity and business insight, they anticipate and shape customer demand and market trends.

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