Support and guidance

Tailored to meet the needs of employers and training providers

There is no ‘one way’ we can support you and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness.

Digital resources

We partner with software suppliers that are top end and UK based; we can work around your delivery preferences and your data stays with companies on UK soil.


What makes you different from other end-point assessment organisations?

We specialise on the retail and fashion industries exclusively. This has a number of advantages: being able to tap into a concentration of occupational expertise principal among them. We also give employers the option of choosing an end-point assessment organisation that is designed specifically to give back to industry and the next generation of talent, via the Fashion Retail Academy charity. That doesn’t exist anywhere else.

We currently use another end-point assessment organisations – why should we choose you?

Odds are, whoever you are using for end-point assessment, the money you spend leaves your industry. With Fashion and Retail Awards, this is not the case, by design. If you choose us, you are building infrastructure for your industry and reinvesting in young people – i.e. the people hit hardest by the pandemic, who will also be paying off the lockdown debt. By the way, contracting is done with your training provider, so it is no hassle to move – all you have to do is fill out one straightforward form indicating that you want to use us.

Why are you a separate organisation from the Fashion Retail Academy?

Simply put, because we partially agree with the current trends in government education policy. Presently, government policy on end-point assessment sees risk in the same organisation delivering training and assessing that training. We don’t entirely agree - e.g. we don't recommend you tear up your Degree because one University awarded and delivered the qualification. But we asked ourselves: “would a separate organisation, with its own independent board, increase the impartiality of our assessment?”. Our view was that it might and so Fashion and Retail Awards was born.

What are your fees?

Our fees are competitive, but your delivery preferences matter (e.g. remote assessment, face-to-face, resits included in price, etc.). As a rule of thumb, we’ll be able to meet any published fees you see, or any agreed fees you have in place now – all other things being equal. More importantly, these fees will support young people in your industry.