Established to inspire and raise the standards of talent for industry

Fashion and Retail Awards is an End-Point Assessment Organisation specialising in standards relevant to the retail industry and fashion design. We were established to address a lack of quality and responsiveness in existing end-point assessment providers and to better resource talent development for industry.

As an independent offshoot of the Fashion Retail Academy we share their mission to inspire and develop the next generation of talent.

What is End-Point Assessment?

End-point assessment is the process through which apprentices are assessed on completing their apprenticeship programme. The assessment focuses on whether the apprentice is able to perform their job duties. Employers choose which organisation will conduct end-point assessment on their behalf, working closely with the training organisation.

The end-point assessment process is underpinned by apprenticeship standards. These standards, and the accompanying end-point assessment plans, have been developed by employers and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education; they spell out the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of apprentices at the end of their programme for a given occupation, alongside other features required to ensure consistency of assessment. Further information can be found here.

We are a recognised End-Point Assessment Organisation for a number of apprenticeship standards and can be found on the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations here

Our approach

We provide a tailored and supportive service, driven by our experienced assessors to provide you with accurate, consistent and reliable judgements.

Our assessor community brings together individuals with deep expertise in industry, assessment and education. What unites them is a commitment to the future of the retail industry and the belief in assessment as a tool for improvement.

We are digital by default. As with the rest of the retail industry, digital delivery is no longer optional. We partner with leading-edge software firms and are able to deploy a flexible service around your preference and in response to changing in circumstance.

Work with us

If you work in the retail sector and want to help, there are a number of ways to work with us.