Demystifying End-Point Assessment for Apprenticeships


1st Sep, 2023

End-Point Assessment (EPA) is a pivotal stage in the journey of apprenticeships, ensuring that apprentices are fully prepared to step into their chosen career. In this blog post, we'll break down the key aspects of EPA, answering common questions for both employers and apprentices.

What is End-Point Assessment? 

EPA is the final evaluation of an apprentice's skills and knowledge. It must be conducted by an approved End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), separate from the training provider, to maintain objectivity and quality assurance.

How to Find an EPAO 

Employers seeking an EPAO can easily locate approved organisations through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESfA). A quick search on the relevant apprenticeship standard will provide a list of Training Providers and EPAOs. 

EPAOs and Training Providers 

When a training provider approaches an EPAO for End-Point Assessment, they must connect with the employer to confirm arrangements directly. This ensures all parties are aligned and ready for the assessment.

Assessment Readiness

The decision regarding whether an apprentice is ready for EPA lies with the employer, and sometimes the training provider if they are involved in the process. This ensures that the apprentice has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field.

EPAOs and Employers 

Approved EPAOs adhere to strict conditions set out by the Institute for Apprenticeships. They actively promote their EPA services directly to employers and work with employers to agree on pricing. It is crucial that the agreement explicitly states that the EPAO is conducting the assessment on behalf of the employer, without collusion with training providers. 

EPA Offerings at F&RA 

At Fashion & Retail Awards, we are an approved End-Point Assessment Organisation for various retail-focused apprenticeships, including Level 2 Retailer, Level 3 Retail Team Leader, Level 4 Retail Manager, Level 4 Buying and Merchandising Assistant, and Level 6 Assistant Buyer and Assistant Merchandiser.

Expert Assessment Team

Our assessments are carried out by a team of experienced, qualified, and independent End-Point Assessors. These professionals work closely with apprentices to ensure a smooth assessment process. Our dedicated team, led by Chris Amadeo, is committed to guiding you through the EPA journey.


End-Point Assessment is a crucial step in apprenticeships that ensures apprentices are well-prepared for their chosen careers. Employers can easily find approved EPAOs to conduct these assessments, and organisations like F&RA are dedicated to delivering high-quality EPA services to support apprentices and employers throughout their journey.

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